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Don’t ask, just do it!

Yes, I’m browsing from a mobile – just give me the mobile version by default please.

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The New Yorker has a great new responsive design… shame the adverts spoil it

Update – Only took them 2 days to fix it – well done New Yorker! The New Yorker unveiled its new responsive redesign today, and was reviewed positively. It’s true that it is very nice, but I think the adverts … Continue reading

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UX is for the whole life of a site, not just the design stage

This is the branch locator page for BNP Paribas on the French island of La Réunion. As you can see, the default zoom level in the Google maps widget is set a little bit too low! I’ve adjusted it to … Continue reading

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Eurostar – please don’t use misleading advertising, it damages your brand

Spotted what I thought was an amazing offer the other day on the Guardian : Turns out it was €1 per child – and children under 4 don’t pay anyway. Thanks for nothing Eurostar!  

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Lazy Eurostar confirmation message with 12 conditional clauses

I just chose my seats for a trip to London – but despite the Eurostar site knowing the exact number of seats, passengers, and journeys involved, it was too lazy to show an appropriately worded confirmation. Continue reading

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Sean Bean error message

This cinema app from Allocine injects a bit of humour into an otherwise humdrum error message. Quite appropriate really, since Sean Bean is known for his bad luck…

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Forcing function on door stops you forgetting your bags

Placing the bag hook on the door frame means that you have to take your bags before you can open the door Continue reading

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Playing Top Trumps with UX

Do you remember the card game Top Trumps, where you beat your opponent’s hand with a card that outranks it in some capacity? Well, in UX you can play a version of this where instead of carefully crafting the visual … Continue reading

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Severity ratings for usability reviews

A quick reminder of severity ratings – these ones are adapted from ‘Usability severity codes’ in Usability & Technical Documentation, Xerox Corporation, July 1995. One point to remember – if you are developing applications for internal use in an organisation, … Continue reading

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Google Wallet email looks like a phishing attempt

I just received this email apparently from Google asking me to update my some of Google Wallet account details. Turns out that’s it’s genuine, but why did they make it look so much like a phishing attempt? There are 3 … Continue reading

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