Supermarket receipt with categories

While on holiday I spotted another small yet great innovation for an everyday object. Here’s a supermarket receipt with the products you bought, not listed simply in the order they were scanned, but grouped together into categories.

Supermarket receipt with items grouped into categories

Supermarket receipt with items grouped into categories

This extends the standard function of receipts  (a legal document that the shop is obliged to give you), and acknowledges the real context of use for many customers – wanting to easily find the items they bought so that they can check how much they spend on certain types of food or verify that special offers were respected, etc.

This little bit of extra UX care can show the customer that the company is oriented to their needs –  Why don’t all supermarkets do this?

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  1. This makes a lot of sense! I’ve noticed that some major chain stores here in the US have begun to do the same. The only downside is that you get to see if you’ve purchased a disproportionate quantity of beer and chocolates 😉

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